Luisma R. Picarzo

Defined as Salesforce Archiloper (Architect + Developer), I am passionate about technology & people. As a goal-oriented person, I enjoy taking the lead in any project and proposing innovative ideas that can become true in a short-term but stable, scalable and robust for the long-term. Motivated and motivating, one of my strong skills is the learning capacity. Expertise in Salesforce (15X Certified, including System and Application Architect ones), systems integration, but also I'm a Javascript lover (Javascript Developer I Certified) for frontend and backend applications. Product design and rapid prototyping as my second hobbies (as programming is my first hobby as well as my daily professional routine). “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”.

What I Do

Technical Definition

I define the best approach for starting a project from scratch or to continue an existing project, always focused on the continuous-delivering of the features. I define how a Business Requirement can become true technically, proposing one best option and other viable options with pros/cons.


I execute and make true any technical specifications. Lightning Web Components, as well as old (but still in use) Aura Components, Visualforce, and of course Apex code (classes, triggers, batch classes...), and declarative solutions as Flows, Process Builders, Workflows...

Complex configuration

Build Lightning apps for your internal CRM and Lightning/VF Communities in Salesforce to expose some data to the world. Use Salesforce as Identity Provider, configure connected apps, configure permissions (sharing rules, permission sets...), configure your mailing templates, reports, dashboards...

Spread the team

I can be the facing for any client, to explain from a business perspective the technical solutions. Following agile processes, I also split goals into sprint-tasks and explain to the team, document, and work as cross-support.



Some Facts

Integrations REST/SOAP


Lightning Web Component


Apex Class